Refund Policy

Our products are designed to assist artists in the process of creating their music.

All products are developed with and for the leading plugins and software on the market. They are entirely digital, so physical delivery is not necessary, and downloads are made directly from our servers.

Each product has a complete description that includes everything contained in the packs, such as the software used and its version. We are not responsible for errors resulting from the use of outdated or pirated/cracked/nulled software. If you encounter an expired or corrupted download link, please contact us to correct the problem.

However, Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code guarantees that customers can request a refund for any digital product within seven days.

After this period, we may refuse the return, but we are still willing to negotiate to ensure a good relationship with our customers.

Refunds can be requested through our customer service channels or by filling out the form below.

For more information or questions, please visit our FAQ | HELP page.

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